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Does promotional merchandise work?
ABSOLUTELY!Following are numbers to support our claim. One study showed that nearly four out of ten people who received promotional merchandise recall the name of the company up to six months later. Such a strong recall is undoubtedly because recipients hold on to the promotional items they receive. A survey found that 31% of respondents were still using at least one specialty item they had received 12 months earlier.According to another promotional study, promotional products included with direct mail solicitations can boost response rates up to 75%. Finally, another study shows that month-long sales contests reinforced with promotional incentive merchandise outperformed contests without incentive merchandise by as much as 50%. LIKE WE SAID, PROMOTIONAL MERCHANDISE DOES WORK!
What are the advantages of promotional marketing?
Promotional merchandise is one of the most effective ways to advertise your logo, brand or message repeatedly. Promotional items do their job over and over again. Every time your item is used, worn and seen, your logo, brand or message has been broadcast. Other advantages? Promotional marketing motivates and rewards people. It can target select audiences and fit into any budget.
When should promotional merchandise be used?

ANYTIME!Promotional merchandise can be used for so many different purposes. Examples include:

  • thanking customers for patronage,
  • introducing new products, services or facilities,
  • reinforcing established products or services,
  • generating sales leads,
  • motivating sales people and other internal employees,
  • recruiting new employees or members
What is a typical turn around time for a program?
The standard turn around time for most programs we handle is three to four weeks. However, anyone who has worked with us knows that WE’LL MAKE IT HAPPEN NO MATTER WHAT! If you let us know how and when you need it, we’ll create a program that fits into your time frame. WE GUARANTEE IT!


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